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Leaders must look for the happiness sweet spot

Leaders must look for the happiness sweet spot

     “Success is not always the key to happiness but Happiness is the key to success” Herman Cain, the well-known columnist and business man, said.
     During my 15 years that I have been coaching top executives in companies such as  Amway, AIA, Banpu, Board of Investment, Hitachi, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Office of Civic service commission,  Somboon Group, TIPCO, Unilever, I have experienced the  unseen happiness  of  top leaders. Many focus their work and life around success but forget to experience happiness along the way.
      In leading fast growing company, speed of change is extremely high. Misalignment between a personal innate drive and their leadership responsibility creates a negative tension in the leadership journey.
      If the negative emotions are higher than emotion threshold, burn-out or midlife crises can occur.
      I have a lot of experience coaching top executives to empower their unseen happiness while they climb ladder of success.
      One such executive was a very successful business man leading his company toward listing on the stock market. His business has grown in double-digit percentages for more than five years. He drove a swanky, new Mercedes Benz.
      However, one day he was admitted to a hospital because his blood pressure shot up.
      “Stop working and creating a new leadership paradigm or the stress will kill you” his doctor said.
        I asked him back “Did your voyage to success bring you happiness? Without the right compass for happiness, people often find success but lose their souls.
        I taught the business man how to find his happiness sweet spot by using the simple S-M-I-L-E principles, which are:
        S - Self awareness : By reflecting on where the happiness sweet spot lies forms the foundation of discovering innate happiness. The businessman loved to use visionary skills, but his role focused only on solving problems.
        Thus, the visionary role generated happiness, but unfortunately he did not play it often. He was only solving problems, which actually was his tension sweet spot. The more you hit your tension sweet spot, the more stress it causes
        M - Manage emotion :  When you discover our internal happiness sweet spot, you must have emotional management skills to create more positive emotions everyday. In this way, you accumulate happiness daily.

         I - Innovative inspiration : Based on the discovery of the happiness sweet spot, a leadership branding and vision blueprint have to be created. This process of crystallizing leadership creates positive emotions.
         L - Listen with head and heart :  Being a leader, one also needs to appreciate differences. If one can find happiness sweet spot in the team- someone who loves to do what you do not like to do. You will have the right team with the right heart to release tension.
         E- Enhance social skills : One must cultivate a happy environment to leverage team diversity.  This will help delegate responsibility and focus on strategic priority action that hits the happiness sweet spot.

    After going thorough S-M-I-L-E, the business man said, “The principles helped me not only discover potential but also enhanced my contribution to create happiness among my family, my friends, my associates and my clients”.

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