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Chief Executive Creativity

Chief Executive Creativity

     Many of the great ideas do not only come from the brilliant of the smart people but it can be the art in seeing the invisible from the integration of ideas from cross disciplines to create the new breakthrough.     Great CEO has to combine both science and art to bring the best practices of the people from many disciplines inside and also outside of the organization to develop new thought leadership concept.    
I usually use the C-R-E-A-T-E methodology to help CEO in leading organization facilitating the seen and unseen innovative potential from their team including their value customer. The C-R-E-A-T-E principles are 
     C - Clarify the opportunity
CEO will face both opportunity and crisis everyday. The distinction between good and great CEO is the ability to see the invisible that raises up and be able to clarify as well to create opportunity pipeline since many problems and opportunities happen everyday. 

     R - Redefine with Value   Both Customer and organization have it own value set in making choices. From the opportunity pipeline, CEO can facilitate the common value set between inside organization interest and also the customer intimacy experiences on those opportunities.      Many leading CEOs that I coach did capitalize this redefine step to involve 80:20 selected value customer to be their advisor to get the feedback on their positive experiences and feeling on this new opportunities.  This can turn into huge business tangible opportunities if CEO can lock in their customer requirement with new innovation development.  

     E - Enhance focus with simplicity  Simplicity in innovative process is always the critical success factors in focusing the organization energy. Many organization try to enhance so many things in their products or services and make it so complicate in the eye of user and cost a lot in developing them. The art in see the simplicity normally will not come from the view of technocrat but can come from the real end users or business intuition of the CEO.     Steve Jobs is a great example in using simplicity in creating breakthrough Ipod, Iphone products which actually the technology are available out there but no one use the simplicity business sense to combine variety of cross discipline technology to crate simplicity of customer usage in the art way like him.

     A - Articulate think out of box ideas  The open heart and open mind with egoless paradigm is the key to consolidate the think out of box ideas from cross disciplines even outside the related industry. Nurturing creative environment without right or wrong can encourage people to speak up even with non-sense ideas.

     T - Team committed with selected options   Team involvement and commitment in finalizing selected options from out of box ideas is critical. Great CEO has the art in engaging team head and heart to make their ideas into action since it is group ideas not just the idea that mandates from CEO. E-Execution with passion     Execution  with only head but not heart can be the dead end to excellence in execution since in the real detail implementation if the team think the project is mandate from god with out their own sense of commitment. They will do what they have been told only. Involve the whole team in every step all the ways from C-R-E-A-T-E is the strategic and art of CEO Innovation to create execution with passion.....  

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